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Uses your phone’s motion sensors

Remix your existing library

Create a custom playlist
Upload any MP3 or M4A

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Turn effects ON/OFF
Change the rate of effects


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Latest Updates

Event Recap - After the Pizza ...

September 04, 2014

We’ve been working hard here at Beat Farm, like painstakingly revamping software for 20 hours a day hard. So this past weekend when we hosted Boards N’ Beats at Rye Airfield, it was sort of a relief, in a still hard at work way. Kickflips, Spacewalks and Pizza. 7-year-old skaters ripping through 10 ft. vert ramps while nodding their heads to Creed (still killing it) and pepperoni. It felt awesome for people to take to our work and like it, genuinely. So we want to thank Rye Airfield, all the kids that came out and the parents that agreed to drive them. Thank you, and please continue to follow the Beat.    

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New Video - Farming in the Bronx

August 02, 2014

James Brown once said that the one thing that could solve most of our problems was dancing. So last weekend we went to the Bronx at The Hacker Play Spaze and touched base with the kids there. We brought our app, they brought the play and together we got to moving. Dancing is organic and is just one of the many things we grow here at Beat Farm. Here’s a video to re-cap:

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